Cool Mist

The worlds best misting system...period.

The Houston and Austin areas are known to get quite hot in the summer months. To give some relief to homeowners and their children, the Mosquito Company is proud to offer our customers the Cool Mist system.

TMC Cool Mist systems utilize a full line of commercial grade pumps and materials that stand up to the rigorous demands of everyday use. To ensure longevity, our products only use top quality parts. TMC utilizes 1000 PSI pumps to atomize droplets down to 10 microns which causes the mist to flash evaporate and cool the play area. The higher water pressure and the proper nozzles create the right amount of vapor to cool the air without noticeable moisture or condensation.

Timers can be utilized to control the system making it easy to use and cost effective. It is this mist that ‘flash evaporates’ by the surrounding hot air and lowers the ambient temperature in the cooling area by up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. The pump is connected to an ordinary water supply and pressurizes the water to 1000 PSI before it is forced through the nozzle heads to create the cooling effect.