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We are the mosquito company

About Us

All of the products and chemicals we utilize are easy to use,
efficient, and safe
for your family.

The Mosquito Company’s history is indeed an interesting one. Started in a garage in the late 90’s as Third Coast Mosquito Control, our owner and founder Steve Blalock installed two mosquito control systems for his family members one summer and quickly realized that the mosquito misting systems he had put together from odds and ends worked extremely well at getting rid of mosquitoes. The idea dawned on him that with a little marketing, hard work, and his new quality product, a significant market for his system existed that he could thrive in.

With the help of his father, a retired electrical engineer, Steve quickly went to work designing his own mosquito misting system that is simple, without compromising reliability or effectiveness. Besides a few upgrades throughout the years, it is essentially the same system today as it was when Steve and his father got together to bring a better product into the market.

As perhaps a testament to the quality products the Mosquito Company offers our customers, the very first system that was sold by Steve is still in operation today in River Oaks, Texas. Since that first sale, we have gone on to install systems on islands in the Bahamas and Central America, casinos in Louisiana, and resorts from the South Texas coast to the tip of the Florida Keys. Along the way, we began to add “Cool Mist” systems to our product offerings to meet the requests of our customers. Almost two decades later, the Mosquito Company’s systems are still going strong in Houston and Austin, Texas.
We hope that you will enjoy your new mosquito control or cool mist system! Life’s good when you can enjoy your property!

Steve Blalock