The Mosquito Company provides automatic misting systems throughout Austin, Houston, College Station, and surrounding areas. We have proudly provided superior service throughout the state of Texas, giving each of our customers quality products that effectively minimize mosquitos. Each of our locations provides the same excellent customer service. Learn more about the weather and mosquito conditions around each of our three locations and feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about our automatic misting systems.

Austin, TX

Austin, TX receives an average annual precipitation of about 34 inches, with an average temperature of 69.4° F. In Austin, mosquito system typically runs May through November, though increased rainfall during other times will lead to an increased presence of mosquitos. Our mosquito misting systems in Austin are equipped to handle all types of weather, and we recommend preparing for mosquito season well in advance.

Austin experiences an average high of 92° F in June, 96° F in July, 97 ° F in August, and 91° F in September – needless to say, the summer months in Austin warm up quite a bit. The Mosquito Company provides automatic misting systems to Austin, allowing you to cool down in the warm weather, especially during those summer months.

Houston, TX

The city of Houston, TX, receives a bit more rainfall than Austin annually, averaging about 45.28 inches of precipitation yearly. The average temperature is just at 69° F, and Houston sees rain about 106 days of the year on average. Due to the common rainfall, Houston has fallen victim to mosquitos, making Houston automatic misting systems necessary in many cases. Though mosquito season in Texas typically runs from May through November, unforeseen circumstances can produce huge increases in the mosquito population at any point during the year. This may include flooding, heavy rainfall, or any sort of event that leads to an excess of standing water.

Though the weather in Houston is classified as humid subtropical, the summer months warm up, producing dryer and warmer temperatures, with an average high of about 90° F. The best solution for comfort outside during the summer months is The Mosquito Company’s Houston automatic misting systems, which strategically produce cold mist that will keep you and your guests cool and refreshed.

College Station, TX

College Station, TX experiences an average annual precipitation of 40.09 inches, making mosquitos prevalent in the area. This has lead to the city of College Station formulating solutions to abolish mosquitos, and our mosquito misting systems have made quite the impact due to their convenience and efficacy.

Additionally, warm weather begins to strike around springtime, making our automatic cool misting systems highly sought after.

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It’s clear that the areas of Austin, College Station, and Houston are in need of both mosquito control systems and cool misting systems, so why wait? View our cool misting systems and learn more about the types of mosquito control systems we offer, Please feel free to call one of our helpful representatives to learn more.