Frequently Asked Questions

At The Mosquito Company, our goal is to offer effective mosquito misting systems and mosquito control equipment to residents in and around Houston and Austin, Texas. Our systems are efficient so that you and your family can enjoy your time together outdoors without worrying about getting bitten by unwanted pests. We strive to make our customers’ lives easier, which is why we’ve conveniently provided you with a FAQ section to answer the most common questions you may have after reading through our website. Read below to learn more!

Q: Where would a mosquito control system be beneficial?
A: The most obvious answer is your backyard, where you play with your kids and pets, cookout on the grill, swim, and just have fun. Other areas are those that have livestock or other animals, like horse stalls, barns, farms and ranches. You will have a much healthier environment for you and your family when you control flies, mosquitoes, roaches, spiders, and other pests.

Q: What is the appropriate size system for my needs?
A: We offer several different system sizes. Most homes in Houston are about 30 nozzles on average and most homes in the Austin area tend to be about 30-35 nozzles. We use the MTS 55 for these systems. You can run 75-80 nozzles comfortably on the MTS 55. For larger systems, we recommend upgrading to the MTS 125. All of our systems come standard with a remote control for added spray cycles besides the timer.

Q: How do I know how many nozzles I need for my project?
A: Normally we run a nozzle about every 10-12 feet. To create a perimeter around the area we want to protect, we can attach the nozzles to fences and the eaves of structures. We can also add or use nozzles in flower beds or trees as well. Every project is unique and hence, requires a setup that is best for the property’s needs. We will come to your house or property and provide a free estimate along with a design of the system to be installed.

Some photos of nozzles can be seen on our manuals page.

Q: What is The Mosquito Company’s system warranty?
A: TMC offers a lifetime parts and labor warranty on our systems. It doesn’t get any better than that! Our warranty does require that TMC service the system-you won’t find better service anywhere else. Don’t forget we have a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee as well..

Q: What natural solution does The Mosquito Company run in its systems?
A: Pyrethrum is the best that you can use in your system. Our concentrates contain two active ingredients, one of which is pyrethrum, a botanical insecticide derived from chrysanthemums. The other is PBO, an extract of the sassafras root. The actives are combined with an emulsion system, which prevents product separation. These concentrates are added to water. They have been formulated without adding expensive petroleum distillate fillers. You won’t have oily build on your walls or patios.

Q: How long will my Pyrethrum last before I need a refill?
A: Running at 200 p.s.i., the average consumer sprays about three times per day for 30 seconds each cycle (i.e. 90 total seconds per day) with a 35 nozzle system. This equates to a usage of about one Pyrethrum fill (one 55 gallon reservoir) every three to four months. Refill frequency will vary with each installation depending on the number of nozzles and spraying periods per day. The amount of usage will vary from season to season as well. More rain translates to more mosquitoes, which usually means more spraying.

Q: What kind of maintenance is required to operate a mosquito control system?
A: Maintenance is extremely low. If you are on our “Rotation” there is no maintenance, and no mosquitoes. Our systems will last a lifetime with the proper care. We keep our systems clean and operating smoothly.

We hope our FAQ has been helpful to you and has provided you with the information you need about our products. If you have any additional questions, or are interested in purchasing our mosquito control equipment, don’t hesitate to call (713) 468-1980 (Houston) and (512) 506-9411 (Austin), or contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!