Houston’s Above Average Rainfall Means More Mosquitoes

Posted on May 21, 2015 by - Uncategorized

One of the questions that we frequently answer at The Mosquito Company is what are the contributing factors to having lots of mosquitoes appear on your property. Unless you’re a new resident to Texas, most people that grew up around Houston and Austin understand that more rainfall translates to more mosquitoes.

As you can see from the chart below, we have had quite a bit of rainfall this year that is above normal:


The reason why you’ll notice more mosquitoes in your yard this season is quite simple. Mosquitoes need water for their eggs to hatch, which is why female mosquitoes often lay their eggs near standing water or very wet soil. Hence, the more rain that falls, the more opportunities there are for females to lay their eggs. More eggs means more mosquitoes, which is where The Mosquito Company comes in. We have helped countless families and property owners rid of their homes and backyards of mosquitoes. Our outdoor spraying systems keep mosquitoes at bay and help you appreciate your yard. Don’t let this mosquito season prevent you from enjoying your yard. Call The Mosquito Company today!