Safeguarding Against Mosquito Season

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As you may know, March and April mark the beginning of mosquito season. While Spring is generally a nice season, it also marks the start of a month-long nuisance – mosquitos. Being in Houston and Dallas, we know that these insects cause irritation.

Why Now?

Mosquitos thrive on warm weather, so mosquito season begins when temperatures reach a consistent 50 degrees. This is when mosquito eggs begin to hatch and hence, many more mosquitos are flying around and becoming a nuisance.

In Texas, we begin to see the average low reach over 50 degrees in the months of March and April, lasting until around October. This is when mosquitos thrive, and therefore, you will see an increased mosquito presence.

Safeguarding Against Mosquitos

Mosquitos do not only cause annoyance, but they can also pose health risks, given the potentially serious mosquito-borne illnesses that exist. There are a number of ways that can help safeguard against mosquitos, including:

  • Wearing long sleeves and long pants
  • Applying mosquito repellent to any exposed skin
  • Using screens to prevent mosquitoes from entering certain parts of the house
  • Reducing standing water in baths, ponds, or fountains outside

While all of these may be effective ways of safeguarding against mosquitoes, they can be somewhat of a hassle. Therefore, we recommend using professionally installed Houston mosquito control systems.

Protect Yourself With Mosquito Systems In Houston

Our professionally installed Austin and Houston mosquito control systems are incredibly effective at getting mosquitos to go away, and better yet, keeping them away. Mosquito season is here, and The Mosquito Company would like to help you keep those mosquitos away. Contact us to turn your yard and outdoor living space into a mosquito-free zone!