Our New Youtube Video: How To Operate a Mosquito Sprayer System

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A mosquito misting system can help keep your yard free from those annoying pests, and allow you to enjoy a that beautiful day outside without worrying about itching and scratching later. After you have your mosquito sprayer system installed, knowing how to properly set up the system to operate on its own can come in handy. Our new youtube video, which you can watch by clicking here, will provide you with some important information about your system.

Setting The Timer System

After you remove the weatherproof cover, un-latch the box on the mechanism to reveal the timer system. Set the time of day based on the arrow coming from the center of the dial. Once you have the time of day set, you can set the times that you would like the system to run by using lining up the red markers around the edge of the dial with the corresponding time.

You can alter the length of each spray cycle by using the dial located to the right of the time of day dial and below the mode switch. This dial ranges between 0 to 110 seconds. Just line up the dial with how many seconds that you want the system to run for each cycle.

It’s recommended that you run three cycles per day, for about 30 to 35 seconds each cycle. You can run more or less cycles and adjust the time based on your needs.

Turning On The System

After you have set the timer, simply put the mode switch in the “auto” position. You can close the timer box and seal the system to let it run through the timer continuously, turning on only for the cycles that you had set. If you wish to run extra cycles beyond what you set on the timer, you can turn the system on for a cycle by using the remote control that is provided with the system.

Maintaining Your Mosquito Sprayer System

It is important to check the system to make sure it’s running properly. You should first open the timer box and check the light located below the time-of-day dial. If this light is red, it means that the tank is empty and needs to be replaced. Another key component to check is the pressure gauge, located outside and to the left of the timer box. The ideal pressure for the system to run at is around 195 to 200 PSI. If you find that your system is running above or below this level, you can use the knob located below the pressure gauge to adjust the pressure by twisting left or right.

If you are experiencing a problem with your system, you can put the mode switch to “test”. In this mode, the system will run continuously until the tank runs dry, allowing you or a maintenance professional to look around and find where the problem is without the system shutting off. This mode is usually only used for installation and maintenance purposes.

Whenever you are finished setting your timer or checking your system, remember to close the timer box and re-seal the system with the weatherproof cover, making sure it has a tight fit around the edge of the tank. This will help keep water and other debris away from the system.

Turning the System Off

To turn the system off, simply put the mode switch in the “Off” position, which is at a neutral center. While the system is off, the system can be turned on remotely and run for one cycle by using the remote control.

If you have any questions about operating your mosquito mister system or would like to know more about how your home can benefit from having a mosquito mechanical sprayer system, call the experts at The Mosquito Company. We offer complete mosquito solution to residents in Austin, Houston, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today!