The Benefits Of Installing A Mosquito Misting System

Posted on June 10, 2015 by - Uncategorized

It’s a question as old as humanity itself: what’s the best way to keep pests as far away from us as possible? Mosquitoes are some of the more infamous offenders, disrupting our summer nights and plaguing our barbeques. There are loads of methods out there claiming to completely deter mosquitoes and their annoying bites, but which one is the most effective?

If you want an intuitive, hassle-free, and long-lasting solution, then The Mosquito Company’s self-designed timed spray system is the method for you. Unlike other mosquito repellent options, such as citronella candles, the timed spray system routinely sprays your outdoor space to ensure that it stays mosquito free daily, without you having to do a thing. You set the mechanical timer via remote control, and the system does the rest.

According to North Dakota State University, citronella candles and other repellent methods are ineffective in outdoor areas, which is precisely where most mosquito-human confrontation occurs. This is exactly where our timed spray system excels. Using either pyrethrin, a naturally occurring flower whose chemical makeup affects the nervous systems of insects, or the synthetic version, called permethrin, our products are effective for the area you want to become mosquito free. The best part is that the spray remains active for a longer amount of time than candles or carbon dioxide traps, and its residual effect is only harmful to insects. To find out more about any of our products, call (713) 468-1980 for our Houston office, (512) 506-9411 for our Austin office, or (979) 272-6360 for our College Station office.