TMC’s Misting Systems Get Rid Of Other Pests Too!

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Do you absolutely hate dealing with pesky critters like mosquitoes, spiders, fleas, and other annoying bugs? Well, you’re not alone. Here in Texas, we know the bugs can get out of control, especially in these warmer, summer months. However, the folks here at The Mosquito Company have some great news for you! Invest in our long-lasting, bug control solution that’s hassle free and guaranteed to rid your backyard of all annoying insects. Our self-designed, automatic spray system not only rids your backyard area of mosquitoes but it also works to fight against spiders, fleas, and other bugs too! Finally, you and your pets can enjoy the comfort of your backyard area without having to deal with irritating bugs. Invite your friends over and celebrate, for you can now enjoy a BBQ without having to whip out your bug swatters.

Automatic Misting Systems To Fight Against Pests

The Mosquito Company services the Houston and Austin areas with our revolutionary and reliable misting products that help fight against uninvited pests. Our self-designed misting system uses the active ingredient pyrethrin, which is a contact poison that affects various insects through their nervous systems. Pyrethrin leaves minimal residual effects once it’s sprayed and will be quickly degraded by sunlight, which poses no risk to you and your family. The Mosquito Company’s system allows you to have full control when the mists are sprayed in your outdoor space. All you have to do is set the timer via a remote control & our long-lasting, misting system will do the work of removing pests for you!

Contact The Mosquito Company Today

If you have questions about any of our bug control products, call us at our Houston office by dialing (713) 468-1980 and we’ll be happy to help. Feel free to also reach out to our Austin and College Station locations if those are more convenient for you. We look forward to helping you live a bug-free life! Call us today!